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Supplement Central launch Universal Nutrition’s new individual CLA

Universal Nutrition's new individual CLA launched at Supplement Central

Much like their hardcore brand Animal Pak, Universal Nutrition very rarely release new supplements. Alternatively when Animal do things tend to be quite exciting, where as with Universal it could be interesting or the complete opposite. It is now that time again for Universal with the latest from the company actually a bit of the less exciting side, with a new individual ingredient formula. The name of the product is identical to it’s contents in CLA, packing 1g of safflower oil providing at least 80% conjugated linoleic acid in each of the supplement’s 90 softgels. As new as the product is, with none of the major stockists listing Universal’s CLA just yet. There is one place you can get the basic formula from, the store that is almost always first on the scene Supplement Central. The retailer are currently listing the product for the small price of $17.95, which may or may not be competitive as at the moment there is no one else listing the individual to compare to.

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