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BSN’s other five DNA Series supplements pictured and detailed

BSN's other five DNA Series supplements pictured and detailed

Over the weekend we got confirmation on the other five simple supplements coming from BSN for their new DNA Series. Joining Whey DNA was Fish Oil, Creatine, Glutamine, CLA and Carnitine. We did have bottle sizes to go with each of the products, although now we have both images and details on each of the supplement’s formulas. Starting with the powdered two Creatine and Glutamine, as previously confirmed the classic duo come in the usual 60 serving tubs listing just the one ingredient despite 2013 images of Creatine DNA, with creatine monohydrate and l-glutamine. Fish Oil packs a total of 100 softgels, each with 1g of it’s title feature delivering 300mg of omega 3s. Next we have CLA, which BSN have squeezed in a nice 180 softgels, with each gel carrying 750mg of conjugated linoleic acid. Last but not least is the 60 tablet Carnitine, a 500mg per serving l-carnitine tartrate formula. The brand are still expecting all six DNA supplements to be available next week on Black Friday, putting the countdown clock at 10 days.

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