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Whey DNA joined by 5 more BSN basics, all expected to be available by Black Friday

Whey DNA joined by five more BSN basics, all expected to be available by Black Friday

Yesterday we got our first look at BSN’s upcoming DNA Series, with the protein powder from wave one, Whey DNA. While we did post up everything you really need to know about the supplement, a lot of people did have questions about what else is in the line. Both at the Olympia this year and last year, BSN told us about a number of basic products including a creatine, glutamine and fish oil, as well as a protein and multi-vitamin. We were hoping for more images, but have got the official DNA Series wave 1 line up featuring a 60 serving unflavored creatine monohydrate and a same size glutamine. A 100 softgel fish oil, 180 softgel CLA, and a 60 count l-carnitine tartrate. Following on from yesterday’s news of Whey DNA, there will be just the one size for the protein formula with the 25 serving 1.8lb. While the full line up is most definitely exciting, to add to the news BSN are hoping to have all six of the DNA supplements available in less then two weeks. is expected to be getting their hands on the products first, and said to have them on sale in time for Black Friday.

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