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Myo Pep joins EST Nutrition’s already large list of coming soon supplements

Myo Pep joins EST Nutrition's already large list of coming soon supplements

If you thought yesterday’s news of another new supplement from EST Nutrition was quite surprising, with the new roll on variant of the brand’s topical fat burner Sculpted Abs. You’re going to be pretty impressed today, with yet another new product unveiled by the unstoppable brand. Joining what is now a list that we’ve almost lost track of, with a total number of coming soon supplements nearing the double digit mark. EST have revealed their pharma grade peptide and serum formula, Myo Pep. Based on the image the brand have released the product looks similar to the likes of iSatori’s well known bio-active Bio-Gro and MAN’s discontinued Pure PF3. It’s listed highlights definitely put it along the same lines, although we will need a bit more information before we really confirm anything. While Myo Pep’s facts panel is facing the other way, it’s teaser does let us know we are in for a white chocolate peanut butter flavored formula, coming in two sizes a trial size 12 and full size 50 serving. Unlike all of EST’s other supplement previews, not only is Myo Pep quite possibly the most unique one, but it is also the only one to be given some kind of launch time frame. The brand are actually promoting their bio bumin and plasma pro product for release sometime next month, which is probably going to just be the beginning.

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