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Review of Finaflex’s multiple effect sleep support formula G8

Review of Finaflex's multiple effect sleep support formula G8

Though FinaFlex has been around for quite some time, we haven’t actually tried any of their supplements. Recently we got a bit of a sample box from the brand, giving us a chance to try a selection of their best. With a total of five different products to choose from, one of the first ones we grabbed to put to the test was the sleep formula G8. The supplement features a somewhat simple set of ingredients, which unfortunately had us not expecting too much just the usual effects at relatively notice amounts. As it turns out our motto of trying a supplement to truly know what it’s like, has come through for us once again. FinaFlex’s G8 is definitely one we rank up there, and we’ll explain why in today’s review.

Like all our reviews we will take this one step by step, starting out with what happens after you’ve taken the product. Just like most sleep aids, G8 does take the usual 10 to 20 minutes before it’s knock out ability begins to come in. For us it was more in the middle or early on around 10 to 15 minutes where that signature side effect comes in. Similar to beta-alanine and it’s pins and needles, GABA one of the ingredients in G8, depending on the dose can shorten your breath for a brief moment. If you haven’t experienced it before it is quite something, as you will have difficulty breathing for about 10 or so seconds. It’s around this time in the Finaflex supplement that it slowly starts to force a bit of drowsiness on you. Once you start to feel it, it would be wise to get into bed or at least make your way to it. With some sleep aids you can fight this stage or even have it go unnoticed. In G8 however if you don’t move to where you want to be for the next eight hours, you’ll find yourself dozing off sitting up, at your desk or even watching TV. The product will have no trouble getting your eyes shut in any situation. If you are one of those people who takes a sleep formula then goes to bed straightaway. You are going to have trouble in the morning trying to figure out when G8 kicked in. We actually had to test this one by taking it and staying up for a bit, as in the first few trials none of us could even remember going to bed let alone how long it took for the supplement to put you out.

One of the key features in any sleep supporting product is it’s quality of sleep. Some will knock you out yet keep you quite awake, forcing you to get up a couple times a night. Alternatively some can put you out so well you wind up in some of the most absurd dreams, that feel so real and are so memorable you can recall every moment in detail when you wake up. In the case of G8, you’ll find it sits right in the middle of those two. The sleep is so deep it will take a smash of a window or extremely heavy storm to disturb you, and for those that look forward to it, sadly your dream won’t be any weirder than usual. The quality of sleep is essentially the perfect match to G8’s powerful knockout out ability, putting you out within about 10 to 20 minutes, and keeping you that way right through to the morning. It is at that time where the supplement’s third effect comes in to play, rounding out the impressive Finaflex formula.

When you wake up, and you will wake up almost bang on eight hours every time, alarm or not. You will find your eyes spring right open. The real trouble comes when you’re wanting a sleep in on one of those odd mornings where you really have nothing better to do, and your eyes shoot open and won’t close. G8 has this uncanny ability where once you are up, it will keep you up. It is in fact almost impossible to go back to sleep. It’s the product’s rarely seen power to do that in combination with it’s recovery effect that makes sure once you’ve had enough sleep, it’s time to get going. When we say recovery we don’t necessarily mean aching muscles are non-existent and tight body parts are no longer an issue. It’s more like your energy systems and mind are at 100% right when your eyes open. G8 basically takes care of that ‘getting up’ phase where you may be slow rolling out of bed or take 30 minutes to get your cardio clothes on. The supplement gives you the life that may usually take a few hours to set in, meaning that when you get up and your eyes pop open, you’ll also want to and have the energy to get moving.

The majority of the time G8 does deliver the three main sleep aid effects, in amounts that make it one of the best in the category. There is unfortunately something we have to say to look out for. The only reason we picked up on this was by accident, but it happens nonetheless. On those days where you don’t quite get your usual dose of sleep from the product, whether that be six, eight or even ten hours, you will find the G8 wake up call does not work so well. You will of course still have that quick lights out effect and the calm deep sleep, the wake up though will be slightly more difficult. It’s not going to be any harder than your usual morning without G8. It will only seem that way as if you’ve been on the Finaflex formula for some time, you’ll be counting on those bright energetic awakenings. The issue isn’t exactly an issue, as to get around it simply make sure you get your usual amount of sleep.

In short Finaflex’s G8 delivers just as well as we expect all sleep aids to. It gets you to sleep, keeps you asleep, and wakes you up in a state you’d usually be in three to four hours later. We really have nothing bad to say about this one. Some of it’s effects we have seen done slightly better, however it’s knockout ability is second to none. The speed in which it gets you to sleep as well as moves you to bed is something else. While we could say it would be nice if the sleep was a little deeper and the re-energizing wake up was full body recovery. Improving one area may end up taking away from another, and right now G8 has a very competitive balance. Definitely don’t let us pointing out G8’s downsides put you off the supplement. We may be saying we’ve seen some of it’s effects done better, but that’s only by a couple of points. Even then the product’s incomparable knockout makes up for everything, putting it right back in the mix with it’s competitors. It is extremely refreshing finally getting a sleep aid that sits up there with the best, and a great first impression by Finaflex.

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