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Limited edition Fitmark Shields fall under $70 for Black Friday

Limited edition Fitmark Shields under $70 for Black Friday

For those that took our advice about the limited edition Fitmark Shields, the innovative brand have as expected launched a sale direct for Black Friday. The deal is 20% off everything on Fitmark’s official website, dropping down a lot of the brand’s items to even more reasonable prices. One of our favorites the Race Messenger has come down from $89.99 to $71.99 and the stylish Classic Duffel dropped from $79.99 to $63.99. As for the aforementioned Rep Your Flag Shields, the four container meal management systems have fallen from their usual price of $84.99 to $67.99, with the regular variants down to $63.99, and the LGs at $79.99. Fitmark do of course have their original meal carriers the Box and the Box LG discounted, which if you’re interested are at $63.99 for the LG and $47.99 for the regular. The brand are promoting the sale as a full weekend event with the coupon code ‘friday20‘ expiring on Sunday.

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