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7 new Shields introduced for Fitmark’s exclusive Rep Your Flag range

7 new Shields introduced for Fitmark's exclusive Rep Your Flag range

Fitmark said they had multiple Shield colorways launch today, and that is indeed what they have. Initially we only knew of two variants, the green with yellow zips and blue strap, and the blue with white zips and red strap. It turns out we were on the right track pointing out that the blue Shield is slightly patriotic, as today Fitmark have unveiled their Rep Your Flag range introducing seven new color combinations. The brand have put together a red with white zips and blue strap, which we feel is actually the US effort, and the blue with white and red being the UK Shield. A red with yellow, red with white, black with red and yellow, red with white and green, and the other previously previewed bag, green with yellow and blue. Most of the Shields can work as representations for a number of different country’s flags or even companies, with something in the Rep Your Flag Range for almost everyone. For now the exclusive items are only available for pre-order from Fitmark’s own official store, in the regular four meal Shield. The price is just $5 more than normal at $84.99, with shipping expected to take place in two to four weeks.

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