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Details on Gifted Nutrition’s upcoming mass formula Growtein

One of the many new supplements we knew were coming from Gifted Nutrition, was the previously undetailed mass protein sounding formula Growtein. It turns out we were right in assuming the product is a calorie packed protein with details of the upcoming Gifted supplement now available. We haven’t quite got a look at Growtein’s facts panel, however we can confirm enough information to know what we’re in for. Per serving the product packs a total of 31g of protein, an odd 3.67g of creatine monohydrate, 2g of glutamine and an unkonwn dose of 2:1:1 BCAAs. We do also know carbohydrates are in the mix, which Gifted describe as ‘precision carbs to supply energy’. Growtein’s tub does weigh in at 2.722kgs with 50 servings, putting each serving of the supplement at just above 50g, in turn throwing it’s carbs somewhere between 10 to 20g. For now it is just the one size that we’ve spotted in the one flavor natural vanilla, although we do suspect more than one option on the menu when Gifted’s Growtein eventually launches.

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