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Rarely attempted red velvet makes it 4 flavors for Gifted’s ISO Whey

Rarely attempted red velvet makes it 4 flavors for Gifted's ISO Whey

While Gifted Nutrition may not be in many of the major supplement stores just yet, they have been growing their range rather rapidly. Since the release of the Phil Heath based brand we’ve seen the team introduce a number of new products, as well as tease the coming of even more. Gifted have now confirmed another addition to one of their originals, the protein powder Ultimate ISO Whey. We did only just see the brand give that very supplement another size, with a 70 serving 6lb in all flavors except for oatmeal cookie. The next update to Gifted’s protein will be option number five or flavor number four, with the rarely attempted red velvet cake. The brand will join the small few who offer the option such as Cellucor for Cor-Performance Whey, Cytosport for Muscle Milk and Body Nutrition for the underground favorite Trutein. The fifth ISO Whey has only been spotted in it’s original 2.66lb tub, which could very well be all it comes in, especially if the product’s other unique offering is anything to go by.

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