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Introducing Go-Shake the world’s first disposable shaker

Introducing Go-Shake the world's first disposable shaker

New shakers are something we see almost every month. Generally they are just the same kind of thing with a different look, although there are a few that offer some extra benefits. We’ve seen 1,000ml cups, multiple compartment add-ons, even pill slots in a lid. What we’ve never seen before is a disposable shaker. This is exactly what the guys over at Go-Shake have done, with their one of a kind innovation. In an effort to avoid cleaning and having to deal with that sometimes deathly protein smell, they’ve put together the 100% compostable Go-Shake cup and it’s #6 recyclable lid. The volume of the cup is the usual 24oz, with metric units printed on the side for exact measurement. Though the cup is gray and not transparent, we are going to assume you can actually see liquid or whatever you put in there when you have the product up close. As for the lid it features non-screw Vol-Lock technology, with a detachable Vol-Snap plug instead of the common connected clip on cap. On the inside the Go-Shake comes with it’s own unique patented shaker breaker, designed to mix everything up. The brand have produced working examples, which you can see in action in their promotional videos and images. To purchase the world’s first disposable shaker, Go-Shake are currently running a KickStarter campaign where they are now taking in pre-orders. You can check out their pledge packages such as 125 for $90 on their KickStarter page, with hopes of shipping to start in January of next year.

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