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Upcoming Endo Fuel due to replace Hybrid’s original pre-workout PreAMP

Upcoming Endo Fuel due to replace Hybrid's original pre-workout PreAMP

Hybrid Nutrition’s upcoming supplement Endo Fuel has finally had more information released, clearing up some of our early confusion. The product was initially being promoted with a number of highlights suggesting that it was some kind of pre-workout. It turns out that is indeed what the coming soon supplement is, as Hybrid have confirmed Endo Fuel as their flagship energizing formula. Fans will probably be sitting there scratching their heads at this point, wondering what’s going on with the brand’s original pre-workout PreAMP. Apparently Endo Fuel will officially be replacing PreAMP as Hybrid’s one and only product in the popular category. While we are still unsure as to what’s going to be in the supplement, we do know when it’s due to arrive. The brand are aiming to launch Endo Fuel somewhere in the next three to four weeks, re-entering Hybrid back in to the pre-workout market and making Christmas that much better for all their loyal fans.

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