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ISO-Amino flavor #2 taken from MAN Sport’s pre-workout Game Day

ISO-Amino flavor #2 taken from MAN Sport's pre-workout Game Day

Following on from yesterday’s reveal of option number one for MAN’s upcoming pure BCAA formula ISO-Amino, the brand have named number two. The first of what looks to be four flavors for the supplement was confirmed as mighty melon, MAN’s watermelon recipe. Today the brand have unveiled ISO-Amino’s second taste with blue bomb-sicle, presumably their blue raspberry effort. If the flavor does sound a little familiar, that would be because it is one of MAN’s original Game Day options. With two down and two to go, we can tell you the obvious tastes are now out of the way. MAN are of course still playing their guessing game, where last week fans submitted what flavors they thought ISO-Amino would be coming in for a chance to win the product. Mighty melon and blue bomb-sicle are the ones we mentioned followers had already guessed correctly, with the last two no one’s really come close to. It would be safe to say one you definitely won’t see coming, and the other MAN fans have yet to, but should or could very well end up getting.

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