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Super 8 menu now Muscleology’s focus following their 5lb Nitro-Pro

Super 8 menu now Muscleology's focus following their 5lb Nitro-Pro

The team over at Muscleology who just got off revealing and releasing their much larger, although not overly more cost effective 5lb Nitro-Pro. Have announced where their efforts are going to be directed next. One of Muscleology’s other new supplements for 2014, the BCAA formula Super 8, is due to receive a couple of additions to it’s menu. In the brand’s words they’re currently working on a ‘few’ new flavors for the product. Whether that means two, three or four, we don’t know. We can say however that at the moment Super 8 does have just the one to it’s name with orange. No matter how many Muscleology do end up introducing, when finished fans will have more than twice the amount of options they have now. While the brand’s interest in Super 8’s menu could have come from a number of places. With every amino we know of packing at least two flavors, Muscleology definitely needs to get to work if they’re wanting to compete. Taste doesn’t usually mean anything if a supplement can perform, but a complete menu will go a long way.

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