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GNC now the best place to buy Optimum’s Gold Standard Pre-Workout

GNC now the best place to buy Optimum's Gold Standard Pre-Workout

Optimum Nutrition’s latest supplement Gold Standard Pre-Workout was first spotted at Nutraplanet, then slowly moved out to everywhere else. From there the brand’s gold plated product had it’s previewed pineapple flavor finally show up at, confirming it’s exclusivity. News has now come in of the other previously confirmed variant of Gold Standard Pre-Workout, the 20% extra 36 serving. The bonus bottle has officially hit GNC in all flavors except for’s pineapple, seeing the two presumed Optimum exclusives go the way we expected. While on most occasions you’d see GNC with a higher price on a supplement they have an exclusive option of. Surprisingly this time around, that is not the case. The retail giant have actually got the latest from Optimum competitively priced at $31.99 or $29.99 with a Gold Card. Based on that GNC is now in fact the cheapest place to pick up Gold Standard Pre-Workout, as to match it’s value you’d need to be buying the regular 30 serving for about $24.99.

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