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50% more Scitec Mega Kre-Alkalyn more convenient and logical

50% more Scitec Mega Kre-Alkalyn more convenient and more logical

Scitec Nutrition are extremely well known for repackaging, renaming and letting everyone know about every little change. The latest from the popular European brand is an update to a current supplement Mega Kre-Alkalyn, one of the many Scitec have in the creatine category. Previously the product was only available in an 80 capsule bottle, supplying muscle building fans with a total of 26 and 2/3 servings, seeing users through just under four weeks. The brand have now put together a larger variant of Mega-Kre-Alkalyn, which is also intended to be a bit more convenient. The new volume is a 50% more blister box with a total of 120 capsules, containing the same dosing as the 80 count with 1.2g of the title feature per capsule. On top Scitec’s two positives, being more convenient and no doubt more cost effective. The bigger Mega Kre-Alkalyn is also going to work out more logically, as it’s 120 capsules gives you exactly 40 servings, instead of the original’s 26 and change. The supplement is being promoted as available now, so expect to see it at your local Scitec stockist sometime soon.

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