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Three feature Macatron expected to be Scitec’s next new supplement

Scitec Nutrition truly one of this year’s hardest working brands, are showing no signs of slowing down for the new year. While they did have a bit of a quiet spot a few months back, the European brand have been bringing the heat lately introducing a number of new supplements and variants. The non-stop Scitec have now confirmed yet another new product with the testosterone formula Macatron. The supplement has been pictured in it’s final stage of polished packaging, listing a handful of highlights giving away three of the product’s features. The first line on the face of Macatron lists ‘hardcore testosterone, estrogen optimization support’, followed by what could very well be all of the supplement’s ingredients naming maca root, the trademarked fenugreek Testofen, and lastly DAA or d-aspartic acid. Much like with Mastodon initially we don’t quite know doses yet, but as you can see in the image the upcoming Scitec product packs 108 capsules weighing in at a total of 90.1g, working out to just under a gram a pill. It certainly does leave room for the features to be dosed reasonably well, including space for a proper 3g of DAA. Seeing as Macatron is all boxed up, we can’t imagine it being too far away especially after seeing the similarly named Mastodon go from beta packaged to launch in less than three weeks.

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