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Scivation unveil their new ready-to-drink Xtend in two flavors

Scivation unveil their new ready to drink Xtend in two flavors

Yesterday Scivation teased the coming of a brand new supplement that they claimed would redefine the category they already have such a strong presence in. While we had a number of things come to mind, such as the idea of an energized Xtend similar to what a lot of other brands are doing. Scivation have in fact done something equally as common, with a premixed variant of their hit product. The ready-to-drink Xtend has been unveiled promoting 7g of it’s main ingredient BCAAs, as well as zero carbohydrates, sugar and calories. Unfortunately if you are a fan of the powder Xtend, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy the more convenient formula in as many flavors. Despite Scivation having their 30 and 90 serving Xtend tubs in more tastes than probably all of it’s competitors in the BCAA intra-workout category. When the alternate Xtend arrives it looks like it will only be available in two flavors, green apple and watermelon. For now the latest from Scivation is just listed as coming soon, although the brand aren’t known for slow launches so expect to see it as they’re promoting, ‘coming soon to a cooler near you’.

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