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Remaining ingredients in BPI’s Roxy revealed

Remaining ingredients in BPI's Roxy revealed

When we first got a look at BPI’s new Roxy, all we knew was that it was a fat burning formula using lemon flavored softgels. After the supplement was finally unveiled and slightly detailed we managed to confirm two ingredients in the product, caffeine and niacin. We did of course expect many more to be in the mix, which is in fact the case as BPI have now released information on the rest of Roxy’s label. Joining the original two caffeine and niacin we have five other features, vitamin D3, boerhaavia extract, lycopene, ginger extract and yohimbine HCl. All the ingredients except of course for niacin and D3 have been packed into a proprietary blend, weighing in at 370mg per softgel. The caffeine is right at the top of the complex, which does make sense as BPI are only recommending one Roxy softgel per day in the morning, no more. With that instructed single daily dose and 45 pills per bottle, the supplement is actually going to last you a month and a half, or three months if you pick up two bottles. The only details we’re left waiting on is launch and price, with the latter no doubt coming with Roxy’s release.

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