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Detailed look at Cellucor’s first premixed formula the ready-to-drink C4

Detailed look at Cellucor's first premixed formula the ready-to-drink C4

On Tuesday we took a closer look at Cellucor’s upcoming 50% more explosive pre-workout C4 50x, then yesterday we did the same thing for C4 Mass and C4 Ripped. Today we move to the only other supplement Cellucor have planned for next year so far, the ready-to-drink C4. While we aren’t yet able to confirm the contents of the premixed product, which will actually be the brand’s first liquid formula. We are going with the assumption that the RTD will be close if not identical in terms of contents to the regular C4, with no real reason for them to be any different. On the topic of volume and value the images Cellucor have released do confirm that each 300ml bottle of the premixed pre-workout will have two servings. Based on that you’ll probably be able drink half and keep the rest for later, or if it is similar to the regular C4 with 150mg of caffeine per serve, you could also choose to throw the whole bottle back before a workout. On the menu, so far we only know of the one flavor in fruit punch, however with six available for the G4 Series C4 and more than 10 for its predecessor, we can’t imagine that’s all Cellucor have planned. Like with C4 50x, Mass and Ripped, the plan still appears to have the RTD out early next year, with it actually leading the way and due to arrive before any of the other three.

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