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Evol on its way back with Genomyx’s exclusive Evol Red

Evol back with Genomyx's exclusive Evol Red

Back in early September Genomyx released an image of their stimulant powered pre-workout Stimaholic in its new 2014 label. Unlike the rest of the brand’s range however, instead of being themed blue Genomyx had for whatever reason colored Stimaholic red. The graphics and layout of the bottle where exactly the same as all the others, just the color palette was slightly different. Now more than three months later the brand have uploaded an image of yet another alternatively themed supplement, with Genomyx’s other pre-workout formula Evol. This time around the brand have given more than just confirmation of the product’s color, saying that “Evol Red” is going to be exclusive to Seeing as the original did have AMP citrate in it, we’re going to assume this is Genomyx’s sequel or reformulated replacement, especially since it is specifically being referred to as Evol Red. By the looks of things we won’t be waiting too long for the supplement’s release, as the brand are expecting to have their second red product on sale at sometime in the next few weeks.

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