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Menu doubling Candy Series coming to MAN Sport’s ISO-Amino


It seems we’ve got some extremely exciting news for the weekend, coming from one of the hotter brands this year, MAN Sports. While they are currently focusing on the release of their long awaited fat burner, the all in one weight loss solution Lean Ph.D. Fans of their latest supplement ISO-Amino, which since our review from Tuesday does include us, can actually get a little more excited for next year. Some may have picked up on the fact that not every MAN stockist is listing all four of ISO-Amino’s flavors, blue bomb-sicle, sour batch kids, tigers blood and mighty melon. It is our’s and by the looks of things everyone else’s favorite that is missing, the candy inspired sour batch. As it turns out come 2015, somewhere in the first few months, MAN are going to be launching, what until we get an official title we’re going to calling the ISO-Amino Candy Series. In total the brand have four flavors planned, all of which are expected to be inspired by other popular candies, similar to the very popular Sour Patch Kids influenced sour batch. As we near the release of the menu doubling selection we should get a better idea on what incredible creations MAN have put together, but for now it is Lean Ph.D 1%ers have to look forward to.

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