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Few more details available for MAN’s Lean Ph.D as we near release

Few more details available for MAN's Lean Ph.D as we near release

MAN Sport’s have finally released an image of the fat burner we all started hearing about back in July. Previously the only information we really had was the name of the supplement, Lean Ph.D, and its goal of dominating the weight loss category. We did also have an image, although it was only of a beta bottle not all wrapped up in MAN’s beautiful branding. The latest from MAN on the matter of Lean Ph.D is that we are now finally nearing the products release. To go with the news of the supplement the brand have uploaded an official image of Lean Ph.D, confirming a few more interesting details. The first lot of information is the formula’s four highlighted effects with all-day energy, focus and clarity, appetite and craving control, and “effortless weight-loss response”. The other major thing MAN are promoting, which is not listed on the face of Lean Ph.D is the promise of “more degrees than a thermometer”. The brand are of course talking about the thermogenic effect in the product, making it a long list of highlights for Lean Ph.D covering almost everything we’ve come to look for in a fat burner. The one last detail we have is the formula’s capsule count of 90 per bottle, a big difference compared to the amount on MAN’s beta bottle with 30. All will of course be revealed when the brand launch Lean Ph.D, with sometime in 2015 being the only time frame given so far.

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