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Trial size now available for MAN Sport’s pump and focus pre-workout NOO Pump

Trial size now available for MAN Sport's pump and focus pre-workout NOO Pump

One of our favorite new supplements from the year, MAN Sports awesomely unique focus and pump pre-workout NOO Pump, has had a new variant introduced. While the brand have been promoting the coming of two new flavors to the product, with blueberry pomination confirmed as one of the two joining the original pineapple express. MAN’s second size of NOO Pump was not teased, but is now available. The smaller tub measures in with less than a third of the regular 32 serving tub, carrying a total of 10. Seeing as the supplement only has the one flavor to its name at the moment, the trial tub comes in just pineapple express with a cost of $19.99. Unfortunately even though most places do have the larger NOO Pump priced around $40, the 10 serving is relatively expensive even when compared to the 32 and other trial options. You are looking at more than 40% extra per serving, though in the end it will save you if you don’t end up liking the product. Based on our experience we’d suggest going for the full size, but if you do want to play it safe is the place to go.

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