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Take a chance on MET-Rx’s Nuclear X sample pack and save more than $20

Take a chance on MET-Rx's Nuclear X sample pack and save more than $20

One of MET-Rx’s more hyped releases of the year has to be their pre-workout Nuclear X. It was subtly unveiled, then slowly had its information uploaded as it went from store to store. With its straightforward formula we had no choice but to pick it up and give it a go, resulting in a disappointing experience with just a simple shot of energy being all we could find. Despite our opinion on the supplement, MET-Rx’s Nuclear X has most likely found some fans whether they’re regular followers of the brand or not. The idea from here is of course to get more people using or at least trying the product, in an effort to get more relying on it from month to month. Obviously a full size tub is a big investment, especially if its something that isn’t guaranteed to blow you away. For those interested MET-Rx have recently got together with and put together a sample pack for Nuclear X. The option isn’t quite a trial tub, but enough to give you a taste of the supplement. The deal is four sample packs, each packing two servings, for $8.97. As you’d expect its value is no where near as good as the full size 40 serving Nuclear X, although if you don’t end up liking the pre-workout it is going to save you a little more than $20.

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