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Grape titan to join Prime Nutrition’s lonely Intra-MD menu

Grape titan to join Prime Nutrition´╗┐'s lonely Intra-MD menu

Despite Prime Nutrition’s second Platinum Series supplement, the pre-workout Max-HP, still yet to hit shelves. The fast growing brand have already confirmed something else that’s on the way for their high end Platinum range of products. The news is in relation to the unique supplement we now have sitting in our review cupboard, the multi-window peri-workout formula Intra-MD. For those that have been waiting to purchase the product, or already grabbed a tub and are currently giving it a go. You will know Intra-MD is currently only available in one flavor and size, an orange carnage 30 serving. While Prime aren’t going to be doing anything in the area of sizes, they have announced the coming of taste number two for the supplement. The brand are going to be keeping things fruity, with grape titan being the one to join orange carnage. The second Intra-MD has yet to be spotted in a polished off tub, however Prime are encouraging fans to hold on to their Christmas money, suggesting that we may be seeing this one sooner rather than later.

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