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Straightforward formula revealed for Prime’s upcoming pre-workout Max-HP

Straightforward formula revealed revealed for Prime's upcoming pre-workout Max-HP

Though Prime Nutrition have yet to release their second Platinum Series supplement, the contents list of the brand’s exciting new pre-workout has surfaced. In total the upcoming Max-HP features a total of six main ingredients, all keeping with Prime’s Platinum 100% transparently dosed theme. In each of the product’s servings we see a number of common features with 2.5g of citrulline malate, 2g beta-alanine and 400mg of caffeine anhydrous detailed as dicaffeine malate. Making up Max-HP’s other half are a couple of pump ingredients, 750mg of agmatine sulfate and 1.5g glycerol monostearate, with 25mg of Epi-Strong epicatechin rounding out the label. As you may have picked up on with the 400mg of caffeine, those doses are all from just one serving which is the recommended maximum of Prime’s second Platinum Series supplement. In the area of flavors the brand have put together a total of two, one more than what they launched Intra-MD with listing tropic fruit and raspberry. Also like Prime’s peri-workout formula price is going to be a factor, which won’t be confirmed until Max-HP’s release of its one and only 30 serving size.

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