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Chocolate True ISO Zero not as low in carbs as 4D’s other two tastes

Chocolate True ISO Zero not as low in carbs as 4D's other two tastes

Just like we did for Purus Lab’s upcoming protein powder MyoFeed early this morning, today we’ve also got the official list of contents of 4 Dimension Nutrition’s coming soon supplement True ISO Zero. The last we heard on the product from the brand was 25g of protein per serving, zero fat and sugar, a small amount of carbohydrates and 110 calories. We can now confirm that the exact amount of carbohydrates and fat is in fact 1g of each in the chocolate recipe, and half a gram of fat with zero carbs for the other two tastes, strawberry and vanilla. With the official facts panel of 4D’s True ISO in our hands we can also confirm whats in its other ingredients section seeing no added aminos, leaving no suspicion of amino spiking, and two protein sources whey isolate and hydrolysate. Per tub the supplement is expected to be packing a total of 47 servings, although like the macros that number does vary for the chocolate option which has three less at 44. We have yet to see the latest from 4D hit any of their retailers, although seeing as Tue ISO is now on their website it really can’t be too far away from shelves.

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