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Best Creatine adds to BPI’s growing list of Best titled supplements

Best Creatine adds to BPI's growing list of Best titled supplements

When word surfaced on BPI’s Best Protein, which you may have caught in recent advertisements. There was always that idea of the brand expanding on their naming convention and heading out into other categories. Best Protein is of course BPI’s second supplement to use the “Best” title, the first formula being Best BCAA. Details on a third have now surfaced for another common kind of product, Best Creatine. A front on look is all we have of the upcoming supplement, as well as a rather informative description. As you can see above on the label of Best Creatine, the 300g formula sets itself a part with a combination of six different forms of creatine. While we don’t know any of their doses, we can tell you exactly what types they are. In no specific order BPI’s third Best product lists creatine monohydrate, Magna Power, AKG, anhydrous, phosphate and pH buffered Creatine Alkaline. Looking at Best Creatine’s bottle you can also see that the creatine blend is flavored, with at least one option confirmed in watermelon ice. From here you have to wonder where else the brand could go with their Best naming convention as they now stand with a total of three, covering quite a few common categories.

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