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Reformulated BCAA Sensation takes 2 ingredients from Dedicated’s #1 pre-workout

Reformulated BCAA Sensation takes 2 ingredients from Dedicated's #1 pre-workout

Today we have what is likely to be the second to last update on Dedicated Nutrition’s highly anticipated reformulation of BCAA Sensation. Last time we checked in the brand were able to confirm the supplement’s amino acid details, revealing the removal of glutamine, a 2g drop for taurine, no change to citrulline malate, isoleucine and valine, and a jump to 5g for leucine. Also mentioned in the post was that there are six other ingredients in the product, half included for a specific purpose, and the other half we weren’t too sure. Today we can confirm three of the remaining six features, with 50mg of Astragin, the exact same dose as Myokem have used in mTOR Pro. 100mg of EPO-Drol rhodiola extract, an ingredient from the pre-workout Unstoppable at an identical dose, and 100mg of calcium phophate, another feature and dose fans may recognize from our #1 pre-workout. Based on those three we have to assume the rest of BCAA Sensation V2 is going to be well worth the wait. The borrowing of a few unstimulating ingredients from Unstoppable definitely hints at a fair amount of performance being involved, something we always enjoy when it comes to amino cocktails. We can tell you that the rest of the formula is going to be passed on to us on Thursday, so be sure to tune in as we should have the supplement’s complete facts panel to unveil.

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