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MethylMass 2.0 first to launch from EST’s long list of coming soon supplements

MethylMass 2.0 first to launch from EST's long list of coming soon supplements

EST Nutrition recently revealed their 2015 branding, demonstrating the new look on one of the brand’s coming soon supplements the bio-active formula Myo-Pep. EST have now uploaded an image of almost their entire family of products, all dressed in the much more modern theme. No doubt the rest of brand’s range is due to get the upgrade. However most of the supplements in the picture are upcoming releases with the all new MethylMass 2.0, the previously previewed Myo-Pep, Thermo Fast, H-Tropin, and the roll-on Sculpted Abs. Of the group the one we want to single out is MethylMass, as EST have confirmed that it is going to be the first one launched in 2015. According to the brand both fruit punch and blue razz are on their way to the Vitamin Shoppe and should be arriving soon. Following the pre-workout it does sound like EST are going to then turn their attention to Myo-Pep. Although keep in mind the brand do have options with their list of unreleased products stretching as long as some company’s entire lines. Regardless of which ever supplement follows MethylMass, the launching has begun with only more to look forward to from EST.

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