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Formula for MAN’s PepTEST Bulk revealed with Vitamin Shoppe launch

Formula for MAN's PepTEST Bulk revealed with Vitamin Shoppe launch

MAN Sport’s fifth pre-workout supplement PepTEST Bulk has finally had its formula released. When news first go out on the product, we were all left wondering what kind of ingredients the brand would be using seeing as they already have so many formulas in the pre-workout category. With the supplement’s facts panel now available we can tell you all together there are three parts to MAN’s PepTEST Bulk. We have two individually dosed features with DAA at 3.12g and agmatine sulfate at half a gram, and a 900mg proprietary blend. Making up the IR energy complex is a total of nine ingredients with (from the top) ALCAR (acetyl-l-carnitine), 200mg of caffeine anhydrous, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, green tea, higenamine, hordenine, cocoa plant, sceletium tortuosum and coleus forskohlii. The combination of features is definitely quite different for the brand compared to the Game Days and NOO Pump, which should see fans getting an alternative pre-workout experience. While MAN’s own website does say sold out for PepTEST Bulk, the Vitamin Shoppe actually now have the supplement in stock. The price on the product is $39.99, with the one extremely enjoyable flavor to choose from, our favorite ISO-Amino taste sour batch kids.

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