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Testosterone infused pre-workout PepTEST Bulk joins MAN’s coming soon list

Testosterone infused pre-workout PepTEST Bulk joins MAN's coming soon list

Despite already confirming the coming of quite a few exciting new things in the next couple months with the ISO-Amino candy series and the multi-effect fat burner Lean Ph.D. MAN Sports have gone and added another product to their coming soon list, with something most probably didn’t expect. The top five brand of 2014 have unveiled PepTEST Bulk, a testosterone infused pre-workout formula. Loyal fans may be left with the question, doesn’t MAN already have a pre-workout supplement? The answer to that is of course yes, as the brand do in fact have four entries in the category. Their list currently consists of the Flagship formula Game Day, the international version of Game Day, the focus and pump experience NOO Pump, and the recently rebranded Body Octane. With all that said the question now becomes, how different of an experience is PepTEST Bulk going to be? On its bottle you can see promises such as enhanced endurance, explosive energy, skin bursting pumps, and as per its title, testosterone boosting. It is likely that the product will be focused around the test aspect, especially since the other areas mentioned, MAN do already dominate in other supplements. Like the ISO-Amino candy series and Lean Ph.D, PepTEST Bulk is only said to be coming soon with the brand directing fans to sign up to their 1%ers newsletter for the insider release.

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