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Albutarex V2 arrives alongside Mutated Nation’s updated website

Albutarex V2 arrives alongside Mutated Nation's updated website

Two days ago an updated version of Mutated Nation’s website was spotted, featuring an entirely new theme that was right in sync with the colors of the brand’s supplements. Both of Mutated’s products were placed on the site, Anavadriol and the more recently released one of the two Crack3d Extreme. It is the latter that arrived last year, coming in as some sort of replacement for the brand’s discontinued fat burner Albutarex. It turns out Crack3d was a temporary replacement as an Albutarex sequel has been confirmed going by the name Albutarex V2. The supplement has surfaced within Mutated’s updated website, although unfortunately like the rest of the brand’s range despite being available for purchase, V2’s contents have not been uploaded. Based on what we can see we do know the product packs a total of 40 servings into what looks to be a 180g tub. Mutated have uploaded a detailed description of the supplement, however if we were to take their word on it V2 would be the most complete energizing weight loss solution available. Mutated fans can go and check out the product on the brand’s official website, and if you’re feeling confident in Mutated’s abilities Albutarex V2 can be purchased for $79 AUD.

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