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Half of Prime’s 3rd Platinum formula Backdraft-XP confirmed without doses

Half of Prime's 3rd Platinum formula Backdraft-XP confirmed without doses

Prime Nutrition are set to make it three for their high end Platinum Series of supplements soon, with the third formula Backdraft-XP ready to go. The brand kicked the line off late last year introducing the powerful peri-workout Intra-MD, then recently followed it up with the pre-workout Max-HP. The upcoming Backdraft is due to see Prime compete in the fat burning category, however up until now we really had no idea on what kind of formula the brand had put together. As previously mentioned looking at the fraction of the facts panel visible, you can see that there will be a total of six ingredients in the product based on the idea that Backdraft will be transparently dosed. It turns out after getting a larger shot of the supplement we can make out at least half of the product’s features. The three of the six we can see clearly are caffeine anhydrous, acetyl-l-carnitine and theobromine. The other three we can’t be 100% sure on or completely read are “Devil’s …”, “Cap…” and “Para…”, with the last one looking like a trademarked ingredient. The major details we’re missing are of course the doses for each feature, which as with most supplements those will be Backdraft’s more defining factors. We’re not sure on when Prime’s third Platinum product will be available, although last time we check in a two week time frame was being thrown around.

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