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Fans looking to try Prime’s exclusive Max-HP get 1 more place to choose from

Fans looking to try Prime's exclusive Max-HP get 1 more place to choose from

Last week Prime Nutrition’s Max-HP was appropriately launched through, the exclusive retailer of the brand’s second Platinum Series supplement. Like Max-HP, Prime’s third Platinum formula the fat burner Backdraft-XP is also expected to be going to as an exclusive in the coming weeks. While that does only leave the first product from the high end line Intra-MD, available for purchase in more than one place. It turns out regardless of the relationship with the online giant Prime do have one other location you can get a hold of at least one of the exclusive Platinum supplements. It will presumably be the same case for Backdraft-XP when it arrives, but for now fans can purchase Max-HP direct from Prime’s official website. Usually buying direct from a brand isn’t the best idea, however at $44.99 combined with one of their common 20% off coupon codes such as “GYM240” or “MOUNTAINDOG1”, the product is only a buck more than’s regular price. Of course not many people will have any issues with buying Max-HP from its exclusive stockist, but at least you know if Prime go any better than 20% off like they did on Black Friday, their own website is the place to go.

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