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Vitamin Shoppe now with Prime’s Max-HP but doesn’t give you much reason to leave

Vitamin Shoppe now with Prime's Max-HP but doesn't give you much reason to leave

Back before Prime Nutrition even launched their Platinum Series pre-workout Max-HP, we knew initially the supplement would be hitting just the one retailer. The place to go to get the product was of course going to be the giant, who just a few weeks back finally released the supplement. Surprisingly not too long after Max-HP hit, it was also added to Prime’s own website, where it didn’t get the greatest price but was available and not a bad buy if the brand were to put together a promotion. It seems there is now yet another place you can pick up the latest Platinum product, as the Vitamin Shoppe have also just added Max-HP. The third location have set the price on the pre-workout at $39.99, sitting right in between Prime’s direct cost of $44.99 and’s $34.99. Unfortunately unlike either of those two, the Vitamin Shoppe have only got Max-HP in fruit punch or at least that’s the way it is online, and not its second flavor raspberry. Whether or not this means other Prime stockists are due to get the supplement we don’t quite know yet, but for an extra $5 the Vitamin Shoppe haven’t given fans much reason to go with them instead of

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