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Freebies available with purchases of any one of Scitec’s 100% Beef supplements

Freebies available with purchases of any one of Scitec's 100% Beef supplements

For those within reach of a Scitec Nutrition retailer, the brand have put together a bit of a promotion for their 100% Beef supplements. The details are a little mixed but going off of the brand’s initial announcement, Scitec have two different accessories and a tee that can be yours free with certain products. Anyone who purchases 100% Beef Concentrate or 100% Hydrolyzed Beef in their smaller tub sizes will get a custom 100% Beef supporting 360 shaker. With any purchase of the same two in their double size tubs, as well as the mass formula 100% Beef Muscle, you will get a white 100% Beef tee. Last but not least fans who pick up any one of the 200 or 500 tab Beef Aminos, the reward is yet another 100% Beef supporting accessory with a color matching or clear pill box. It is worth mentioning that the freebies are only available at participating Scitec partners, so make sure you do check with the store before buying your beef bundle. The promotion is still currently running despite starting back on the 20th, but will end when freebie stock is out.

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