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C1000+ justifies its title with 3 more ingredients than Scitec’s original C1000

C1000+ justifies its title with 3 more ingredients than Scitec's original C1000

Scitec Nutrition have unveiled a new addition to their already massive range of supplements, introducing another entry into the world of vitamins and minerals. The name of the product basically gives it all a way, with the official title C1000+. The latest from Scitec is a spin off of another supplement of their’s by almost the same name, C1000. The new plus variant maintains the original’s 1g of vitamin C, but also introduces three other ingredients to help justify its difference in title. Joining the main feature and separating C1000+ from C1000 is 50mg of rosehip extract, and 25mg each of grape seed and hesperidin. Scitec have squeezed a total of 100 capsules into each cylinder of the new product, with the above numbers being the amount in each one of those capsules. As per usual the latest from Scitec has been both revealed and released, which should put it on shelves in the next week or two.

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