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Online update gives Scivation’s website a much needed brighter theme

Online update gives Scivation's website a much needed brighter theme

Joining the long list of supplement companies recently redesigning their website is Scivation, another major brand that also probably needed the makeover. The brand is one of the latest to complete an online update and have gone the right way about, making the transformation without throwing up any under construction sign for several days or weeks. Compared to their previous site, Scivation have made a massive amount of changes, mostly cosmetic, keeping all the essential areas but introducing an entirely different layout. The brand have dropped their fixed menu’s black and red color combination for an all white navigation panel, which as little edit as that is, does add a much needed brightness to the website. While all of the original sections have been carried over, there are some new additions with a store locator and recipes department. Also finally added to the site is the Xtend RTD, which was actually first seen just over two weeks ago at Fitness One. To see for yourself all the changes Scivation have made drop on into and have a look around.

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