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Xtend family grows a little more with Scivation’s energy + BCAA formula Xtend Go

Xtend family grows a little more with Scivation's energy + BCAA formula Xtend Go

Today Scivation have unveiled another spin off of their flagship formula Xtend, being promoted as the combination of energy and BCAAs. The title of the upcoming supplement is Xtend Go, a product featuring the same alternative branding as the Xtend RTD, as well as the brand’s traditional 7g of BCAA per serving. While Scivation haven’t given any indication as to what’s actually in Xtend Go to give it the highlighted hit of energy. We’re going to take a guess and say the brand are following the trend everyone else seems to, by combining BCAAs and/or aminos with caffeine. So many other big names have already jumped on the train such as USP Lab’s AminoLift, EVL BCAA Energy, and of course the one that arguably started it all, Optimum’s AmiNO Energy. As excited as Scivation fans may be, another important detail that the brand have announced is that Xtend Go will be hitting GNC. What makes that so interesting is that just over three years ago GNC had a sign up redirecting shoppers to USP’s Modern BCAA when ever they searched for Xtend online. The relationship has obviously changed over the years, with Scivation’s promotion of Xtend Go for GNC suggesting some sort of exclusivity, whether it be limited or for an extended amount of time.

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