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Protein dropped a little earlier than True Grit’s planned January 6th launch day

Protein dropped a little earlier than True Grit's planned January 6th launch day

We recently introduced True Grit, a new six supplement brand that was set to launch a handful of its products through its exclusive retailer tomorrow. Despite the 26th being the day True Grit promised they would arrive, it looks like they’ve jumped the gun a bit. The only brand have released their protein powder simply titled Protein, making it available in two tastes chocolate milkshake vanilla ice cream. The four protein form supplement listing micellar whey as its main source at 50%, comes in just the one 26 serving 2lb pouch with a price tag of $32.99. As mentioned Protein is the only one of True Grit’s six products that you can purchase at the moment, although tomorrow is launch day, where we do expect to see a few more become available. In preparation for that arrival, on top of Protein’s release have also added individual product pages for the rest of True Grit’s transparent range, letting us know exactly what we’re in for. Pre, Post, Multi, Thermo and Test Booster are the five left to come, which when launched will see the brand competing in almost every major category.

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