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1 day sale to drop select True Grit supplements as low as $9.99

true grit

If you’ve been wanting to get a taste of’s exclusive new brand True Grit, and aren’t quite satisfied with the usual 20% discount the store gives. This Friday on the 24th of April you may want to tune in. While we would usually post up the deal on the day, we feel the level of this offer is something you are going to want to set an alarm for or at least write down in your calendar. On Friday will be running a one day only sale on half of the True Grit family. A buy one get one promotion is going to be available on the pre-workout Pre, fat burner Thermo and mutli-vitamin formula Multi. The offer will essentially cut the price of each supplement in half dropping Pre to $16.99, Thermo to $17.49 and Multi down into single digits at $9.99. The main reason we are making such a big deal about this one is not only are the savings big, but since the launch of the True Grit line the prices have remained around the same. Friday’s buy one get one promotion will be the first major sale for the brand and a good time to try out True Grit’s stimulant formulas and their multi-vitamin.

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