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Predator public prove Body’s Magic Pudding is better than Muscle Mousse

Predator public prove Body's Magic Pudding is better than Muscle Mousse

Something we already discovered the answer to a while back when reviewing Body Nutrition’s instant protein pudding supplement. The brand’s UK distributor recently took it upon themselves to go out and ask fans first hand what they think of Body’s Magic Pudding. Instead of just getting sampler’s general opinions, Predator Nutrition actually had people taste the product back to back with another protein dessert called Muscle Mousse. The feedback was all recorded and combined into an almost two minute video coming up with the conclusion, that as mentioned we already knew. The first half of the clip covers six experiences of Magic Mousse, most saying it’s alright and/or a bit grainy. Once they all move to Body’s Magic Pudding however, the comparisons are more to actual chocolate mousse resulting in all six samplers favoring the Trutein maker’s supplement. You can check out the video for yourself on YouTube which even for those that aren’t fans of high protein treats, will at least appreciate the calling out of Muscle Mousse by Predator Nutrition.

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