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Mystery BPI Funnbar could be citrus blast based on Muscle & Strength’s menu

Mystery BPI Funnbar could be citrus blast based on Muscle & Strength's menu

Recently BPI dropped an image of six Funnbars, that initially didn’t seem like there was anything different about them. The updated branding was of course noticeable although that was something we already know about. The interesting point was that of the six only two were current flavors, one was the teased grape, and the other three never before seen options. Based on the images and text we could make out, we were able to confirm cookies & cream as well as watermelon. The one that didn’t have enough clarity to be certain was the Funnbar second from the left, mostly yellow with what looked like a pineapple. BPI have still yet to drop any more information, however Muscle & Strength may have just answered our question. The store have actually updated their Funnbar menu, adding a total of four new “out of stock” flavors. Of the four three are grape, watermelon and cookies & cream, with the fourth being citrus blast. While we will need a confirmation from BPI to be 100% sure, the previously unknown option Muscle & Strength have listed certainly matches the colors. You can check out the store’s listing for yourself, and if you’re a fan feel free to take advantage of Muscle & Strength’s Funnbar promotion where you will score a free tee with every box purchased.

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