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Three more flavors spotted for BPI’s high protein candy Funnbar

Three more flavors spotted for BPI's high protein candy Funnbar

Recently we’ve seen a number of exciting previews from BPI for their one of a kind high protein candy Funnbar. As well as teasing the coming of a new flavor for the supplement with grape, the brand also added a bit of color to its packaging bringing the product all the more closer to the BPI family. Following on from those two exciting updates the brand have now dropped another image of Funnbar in its all new packaging, although there is a bit more to it. As you can see above instead of the usual three flavors or four if you include the unreleased grape, the picture features six different Funnbars. Of the six you have two of BPI’s originals tropical berry and chocolate caramel, with no sign of orange cream, and the upcoming grape. The others in the shot are cookies & cream, what looks to be watermelon, and a bright yellow variant that we can’t make out but are seeing a touch of pineapple. It has already been a big start to the year for BPI, introducing their Chromadex testing and two Best supplements, with the Funnbar developments showing no signs of that momentum changing.

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