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Much needed makeover brings better navigation and design to Champion’s website

Much needed makeover brings better navigation and design to Champion's website

It seems like almost every week now we’re seeing companies update their websites whether it be just your average update or complete rebranding. The latest to join the list of those redesigning their online presence here in 2015 is Champion Performance, who were definitely in need of one. After introducing a handful of new supplements late last year, it was really only a matter of time before the brand decided to bring up their site to match the age of their products. Fans and regular visitors of Champion’s website probably recognize the brand’s online home today, as the previous theme has been completely dropped. Champion’s current version features a much more pleasant set of colors, simpler style, nicer navigation, and the modern stacked layout you’ll notice a lot of companies have started using. The brand’s brighter build is made that much better as it’s maintained right throughout the site, amplifying the reorganizing of information. If you’d like to check out the website for yourself, you can see all of Champion’s effort at the same domain as usual

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