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Champion confirm Syn Matrix 6:5 as a concentrated protein solution

Champion's Olympia debuted Syn Matrix 6:5 designed to be a protein powder

Champion Performance’s two Olympia debuted supplements Syn Matrix 6:5 and Turbulence, have finally shown up outside of the big event with a bit more information. At the Mr. O Expo back in September we were there up close and managed to get a few shots of the products posted online, confirming their contents along with their existence. Turbulence is Champion’s pre-workout formula packing a range of well dosed ingredients including 6g of citrulline. Syn Matrix is the more complex one of the two designed to be used as a protein powder, relying on a researched ratio of whey protein and leucine to deliver the same muscle building power as your average serving of protein. The balance is basically 6.15g of whey protein and 5g of leucine, hence the supplement’s name Syn Matrix 6:5. For more information Champion do now have both the concentrated protein of sorts and their pre-workout listed online and available for purchase. The last bit of information the duos first non-Olympia sighting has brought is the introduction of the brand’s Innovation Series. Syn Matrix and Turbulence are the first two in the line, giving us all a taste of the quality Champion will presumably be keeping consistent for each future Innovation releases.

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