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More than just a rebranding and logo change for Cytosport’s Monster Series

More than just a rebranding and logo change for Cytosport's Monster Series

Yesterday we posted details about Cytosport’s logo change for their spin off Monster Series, which initially didn’t seem like anything more than what it was, a small logo change. We did think there was the possibility of the line getting a makeover to go with the new symbol, although it wasn’t something Cytosport had confirmed. Surprisingly not too long after we posted details of that the brand gave us one sentence that really explained and made the whole thing a lot more interesting. Firstly the new logo will have a branding to match, which could see Monster’s randomly colored line of supplements themed with something entirely different. Secondly Cytosport have said the change in appearance isn’t all the brand have planned hinting at a number of other things such as reformulations and new products. Lastly and this is where it gets even more exciting is that everything is going to be unveiled next week at the Arnold Classic. As we’ve mentioned in a number of other posts, we will be coming to you live from the expo and will make sure we get details online of whatever Cytosport’s Monster team have put together.

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