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While it has been quite some time since we heard anything from Femme Nutrition, with their last bit of news coming in before the Olympia as they launched their second wave of supplements. To kick off 2015 the female marketed brand have got something exciting for those who have been wanting to try their range of products. The giant online retailer have now added Femme to their catalog, with two of the brand’s four supplements promised as coming soon. Both the carnitine based formula Firm and pre-workout Zip have been listed, leaving Femme’s original skin firming cream Peach and BCAA Fit out of the picture. Whether they’re due to be added at a later date or not at all, we’re feeling it’s at a later date as we can’t imagine why wouldn’t want the brand’s well packaged amino cocktail especially above Firm. Like with most lines that get added to major stores, Femme’s latest development isn’t just going to benefit them. The new location will also give them a chance to find new fans that they may not have been able to reach without the help of and their massive audience.

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