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Femme go out of their way for a 15ml trial size Peach

femme peach

While trial size supplements have been all the rage lately whether it be for a pre-workout or protein powder. When it comes to products not in the traditional powder or capsule form, you don’t see anywhere near as many. With that said Femme Nutrition have gone out of their way to put together sample versions of their topical fat burning formula Peach. At the moment the thermogenic is only available in its original 150ml tube.

A significantly smaller Femme Peach has now been unveiled measuring in at one tenth the regular tube’s size with a total of 15ml. The Femme Peach sampler has yet to appear on the brand’s own website, however if you’re lucky you may not need to purchase it. To help introduce the try before you buy Femme Peach the brand is giving away the 15ml version over the next few weeks exclusively through their Facebook page.

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